Seeking a data curation & enrichment partner?2021-05-10T12:56:24-04:00

Seeking a data curation & enrichment partner?

Verinovum employs a unique and tailored approach to receiving, curating, and enriching data. It enables us to deliver precision data, faster time-to-value, and better flexibility compared to clinical data integration solution providers. Fill out the form to discover more about how Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) platform transforms data into valuable insights and the impact it can have on your bottom line:

Top five reasons you need Data Curation:

  1. Curated and enriched data to enable use cases that matter
  2. Refinement for a cross-EHR comprehensive patient record
  3. Deliver reliable data to fill critical coding gaps
  4. Data lift through encounter-driven inference logic
  5. Address today’s needs without sacrificing data to address tomorrow’s needs