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Verinovum — New truth for better care

Verinovum means “new truth,” and that’s exactly why we exist — to bring new truth to the healthcare ecosystem.

We’re focused entirely on solving the problem of poor clinical data quality. We curate and enrich clinical data so payers, providers, and HIT Vendors can improve outcomes for their most important business and clinical objectives like value-based payment model quality measurement, case management, risk adjustment, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, to name a few. In as little as two weeks, our sophisticated Data Curation as a ServiceSM (DCaaS) solution applies over 300,000 rules to improve clinical data from a low-end usability of only 15-20% to a base usability of 50-60% for things like identifying high-risk cohorts for population health initiatives, and upwards of 90% for specific objectives as Stars and HEDIS reporting.

Oftentimes insights can only be uncovered when you leverage high-quality clinical data. It all starts with curation and enrichment.

What is Data Curation as a Service, and what does top-quality data do for your organization?

Verinovum was founded with the knowledge that interoperability is just the beginning when it comes to clinical data. It’s not only about data availability; it’s about meaningful and actionable insights. Our platform has processed billions of inbound data points to date, and we have succeeded in elevating data quality and usability for better quality reporting, actuarial knowledge, member/patient engagement, and more.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Our leadership

With decades of experience in healthcare and technology, our team is ready to help our customers and partners get the most from their clinical data.

Our platform

Our platform aggregates, curates, and enriches disparate clinical data to help payers and providers make better mission-critical clinical and business decisions.

Verinovum has a proprietary Data Curation Platform that can help healthcare organizations make data more actionable, more powerful, and more valuable.