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Elevate Your Healthcare Data Quality

Your tools, algorithms, and processes need high-quality, enriched data.

Purpose-driven data curation and enrichment for healthcare

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6x improvement in data usability*

*Based on Verinovum’s most recent client data.

Billions of healthcare data points are accumulating.

We're learning more and more about each patient- where they live, their socioeconomic profile, health coverage (or lack thereof), and more.


Mountains of disparate, disconnected, unclean data.

Clean, curated, enriched data

gives you complete, actionable information.

Learn more about the importance of data quality

New Truths: Payers & Data Pipelines

In this installment of Verinovum’s New Truths Educational Series, industry experts discuss how savvy payers are leveraging various data types to get great results and improve Star Ratings.

A HEDIS Roadmap for Pragmatic Payer Leaders

Transforming raw data into actionable insights is essential for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards and improving HEDIS scores. Learn more from this roadmap on how to achieve scalable efficiencies for managing clinical data at the enterprise level.

New Truths: From MA Payer Organizations

As part of our New Truths Educational Series, we interviewed a variety of MA payers nationwide to better understand MA program structures and how those programs obtain and use clinical data for their most pressing needs.

A foundation of clean, high-quality data means:

  • Faster time-to-value

  • Superior flexibility

  • Precision data for each use case

  • Better decision making

A data-first strategy

Stop wasting time organizing data from different sources in different formats. Get the most meaningful data when and how you need it — cleaned, curated, and enriched.

Our Partners

We partner with healthcare’s boldest and brightest leaders to elevate data quality.

Lyniate partners with healthcare organizations around the globe delivering cutting-edge solutions to address interoperability challenges.


HealthLX gives payers and providers an interoperability solution designed specifically for healthcare data exchange, including the CMS Final Rule.

CentraForce Health logo

CentraForce Health (CFH) provides a proprietary, comprehensive array of data and insights on patient behaviors, attitudes and propensities that are the biggest influenceable factors in determining clinical outcomes and the cost of care.

Verinovum has a proprietary Data Curation Platform that can help healthcare organizations make data more usable, more powerful, and more valuable.