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Thank you for visiting verinovum.com (this “site” or the “website”). This page contains the terms of service for use of this website. When these terms refer to “we”, “us”, “our”, the “company”, or “Verinovum” they are referring to Verinovum, Inc., the owner and operator of verinovum.com. When these terms refer to “you”, they are referring to you, the person reading these terms, and any company or organization that you may represent. By visiting, browsing, and using our website you agree to be bound by these terms and you agree that your use is subject to the laws of the United States and Oklahoma. If you have any questions about these terms please contact Verinovum by emailing legal@verinovum.com or by writing us at our principal place of business, Verinovum, Inc., Attn: Legal Department, 100 S. Cincinnati Ave, Fifth Floor, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103. For any other inquiries, you can email info@verinovum.com.

Applicability of Terms

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These terms apply to your use of this site. We do not intend for verinovum.com to be accessed and used by persons under 18 years old or persons located outside of the United States. If you are under 18 or located outside of the United States, please discontinue your use of verinovum.com. If you are or become our customer, vendor, or partner (or if you are already a customer, vendor, or partner), then we may sign (or may have already signed) other legally binding documents and these terms will not apply to that or those relationships.

Privacy of Personal Information

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By visiting and using verinovum.com, you are consenting to our collecting and using your information, information about you, and information about the ways you are using this site. We rely on you to provide us with the most correct, current, and complete version of your information and we will not have any responsibility if the information you provide us is not correct, current, or complete. To learn more about how we collect and use your information, please review our privacy policy, which you can link to here. Our privacy policy is an important part of these terms.

Permission and Limitations to Use of Site

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This site includes a variety of content, functionality, and services which we refer to as the “content”. The content may include information, software, text, displays, images, videos, audio, design, selection, and arrangements. The site and the content is owned by us or by third parties that have given us the right to use it and all rights are reserved for us and/or those third parties. The content is protected by U.S. and international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property law. You cannot reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publish, display, perform, download, store or transmit any of the content without our express written permission. You cannot alter any copyright, trademark, proprietary notice without express written permission. You agree to only use verinovum.com and all of its content for personal, non-commercial purposes and you acknowledge that any unauthorized use may give rise to criminal offense. Please do not send any original creative property, samples, demonstrations, auditions, tear sheets, samples or related materials because we cannot assume any responsibility for any such materials and do not promise their safekeeping or return.

Disclaimers and Limitations

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We cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness of this site or the content. Nor can we guarantee that the site or the content will be suitable for the purpose for which you are using it or for that matter any particular purpose. You acknowledge that the site and the content may not be accurate and that there may be errors and agree that you are using the site at your own risk. You also understand that we are making the site and the content available to you as a service and at no charge to you and as such agree that we will not be liable to you for any liability, costs or damages that you may suffer in relation to your access or use of the site. If we provide a link to another web site, please be advised that we are providing the link as a convenience to you and we cannot be responsible for any third party’s content. Also, you cannot link to this site or any of our content without our express consent.

Updates to these Terms

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We may make changes these terms at any time without notice. When we make changes to these terms we will update this page so you should check this page every time you visit to see if anything has changed. These terms were last updated and published on March 25, 2020.

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