Self-Actualizing Big Tech’s Healthcare Vision: Improving Data Quality and Maximizing Benefits

Published article in Healthcare IT Today

Within the data sphere, patient information is the most important and crucial healthcare data. It has got to be right. New legislation and technology are changing the way data is handled, and payers and providers are upping their commitment to clean, curated, quality information for patient safety and positive outcomes.

Even large software companies aren’t immune to data quality problems, and there have been several lawsuits brought against EMR and EHR companies for using bad data in their advanced algorithms. While artificial intelligence and predictive modeling present attractive “pie in the sky” projections of better healthcare worldwide, even the most sophisticated models and tools can’t provide value if the data they use lacks in quality. When bad data happens, the wasted time and resources, lost revenues, claims denials, penalties, and unacceptable patient outcomes can be staggering. On rare occasions, patients have paid with their lives.

But how do healthcare organizations and technology companies ensure the data behind their decisions is of the highest quality possible, every time?

In a recent webinar, Verinovum and HealthLX shared real-world experiences about how data quality is foundational to maximizing the benefit of modern healthcare IT.

To learn more about this process, view the full webinar, Self-Actualizing Big Tech’s Healthcare Vision.

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