On-Demand Webinar: Self-Actualizing Big Tech’s Healthcare Vision

Verinovum recently hosted another installment of its New Truths series with partner HealthLX, a leader in the interoperability landscape, solving the data management challenges required for effective value-based care solutions.

In this webinar, Verinovum Founder Mike Noshay and HealthLX CEO Will Tesch share real-world experiences and examples to highlight the increasing need for curated and enriched clinical data to maximize the benefit of tools like AWS HealthLake and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Attendees will gain a better understanding of:

  • Big tech’s vision/promise
  • Roadblocks that prevent the industry from actualizing that vision
  • The root cause of quality problems in healthcare
  • Why even the most sophisticated algorithms underperform and put patients at risk
  • What organizations can do to ensure that their expensive technology investments are optimized with high-quality and accurate data

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