Do You Understand the Quality of Your Data and the Value Clean Data Can Provide?

Published article in Healthcare IT Today

We live in a messy (and biased) world, so hardly any organization can claim to have data as accurate and actionable as they want.

According to Mike Noshay, Co-founder and Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Verinovum, provenance is “supreme.” In other words, the way to good data is to know how it was collected, who collected it, when events happened and were recorded, and so on.

During a recent interview at HIMSS23 with HealthcareIT Today, Noshay illustrated the toll of poor data insights by detailing the struggles of “friction between payers and providers,” and how it can impede the overall quality of care.

Incomplete data and improperly coded invoices cost the healthcare industry over 250 billion dollars each year.  How much is it costing your organization?

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