Data Curation: Providing Shelter from the FHIR-Storm

The “Interoperability without Data Quality: A FHIR-Storm” whitepaper series was co-authored by former NCQA Executive Vice President of Quality Measurement and Research Group Michael Barr, MD, President of MEDIS, and former NCQA Chief Information Officer Rick Moore, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of MTC Group, LLC.

In Part 1 of our whitepaper “Complexities upon Complexities” — we discussed the key challenges to cost effectively collecting high-quality clinical data, gaining insights from that data, and sharing it outside of local/direct care institutions. Things like the scale of healthcare operations and rampant disorder of data fields and formats are stymying current efforts to adopt newer standards, such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®1), which can provide the guidelines needed for the electronic exchange of, and access to, health information.

In Part II, “Data Curation: Providing Shelter from the FHIR Storm,” we look at potential solutions to improve interoperability and clinical data quality, discuss areas where progress is being made, and consider the pitfalls of implementation and the inevitable tradeoffs between costs and outcomes. We address next steps for solving the US health system’s clinical data quality and interoperability challenges as we attempt to answer the question, “Why is the vast majority of clinical data still not fit for purpose?”

Download Data Curation: Providing Shelter from the FHIR Storm to read more about how Verinovum’s DCaaSSM methodology can help providers and payers harness a proven and cost-effective way to ensure that patient data is fit for purpose beyond local/direct care. Complete the form below to access the whitepaper.

    1FHIR® is the registered trademark of HL7 and is used with the permission of HL7.