Data Quality Scrutiny, SDoH, Value-Based Care…What are the New Healthcare Truths of 2023?

Published article in Healthcare IT Today

By Mike Noshay

Many facets of healthcare remained in a state of flux at the close of 2022, as care practices that started during the pandemic found their way into the mainstream, and enthusiasm for new data sources and interoperability outpaced the realities of implementation.

Verinovum‚ SWAT (Strategic Workforce and Tactics) team has been closely following these trends and has made predictions about how nine of them might play out in 2023. (Be sure to check out last year‚ New Healthcare Truths of 2022)

Are payers starting to feel the pain of ad hoc implementation of FHIR servers? Will there be a rise or fall in care delivery numbers? To what extent have gaps in quality and mistrust of data caused vendor scrutiny?

These predictions highlight the need to address the issues of data quality, curation, and utility that are paramount for healthcare‚ evolution in 2023. Pressure will be on the health data management and information sharing industry to enhance their solutions and create a data platform that provides a complete, accurate, and actionable longitudinal record at a person level and data that can be shared through interoperable systems.

At Verinovum, we aim to remedy the pervasive problem of poor-quality clinical data with our Data Curation as a ServiceSM approach, so that clean, high-quality clinical data can inform reporting and actionable insights.

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