The Demand for Quality Insights and the Promise of Data Curation Services

The demand for accurate and timely insights from a fractured and siloed health ecosystem, spanning payer, provider, and healthcare organization information infrastructures, has never been greater. New technologies and innovations have proven to be a burden on the healthcare system, including new payment models where patient outcomes are being rewarded more than the quantity of services provided. In addition, strict new regulations complicate workflows while patients are expected to become ingenious digital healthcare consumers. Learn more from this white paper about what you can do to solve the problem. 

In recent years, attaining quality insights has proven to be problematic in healthcare. From isolated data collection between payers and providers to barriers preventing the ability to integrate and synchronize patient data, a multitude of factors has been putting an immense strain on the healthcare ecosystem. Relying on the traditional data governance approaches or replacing components here or there has proven to be unsuccessful and occasionally damaging. These aspects result in significant sunk costs for payers and providers, along with ongoing labor commitments to run their data operations.  

Taking the steps to better understand data deficiencies and how they weigh down decision-making and workflow, will allow payers and providers the opportunity to prioritize wiser spending. There are a variety of options available that will allow obtaining greater value from existing data investments. 

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