What Does a Healthcare Organization with Clean, High Quality Data Look Like?

Published article in Healthcare IT Today

If the future of healthcare is built on the back of data (and I assure you it is), then it is extremely important to know what a healthcare organization looks like that has access to clean, high quality data.  A man with deep experience cleaning healthcare organization’s data so it can be trusted and used is Mark McCurry, President and CEO at Verinovum.  We sat down with McCurry at the ViVE 2022 conference to learn more about the range of experiences he’s had with organizations using their health data.

Along with sharing what an organization looks like when it comes to good data governance, he also shared what a healthcare organization looks like that is unable to obtain and use clean, high-quality clinical data.  Plus, he shared some red flags a company should look for and address when it comes to healthcare data.

Check out our interview with McCurry below to learn more about the importance of clean, usable, trusted health data.  Plus, be sure to explore this personalized demo on Improving Outcomes Through Data Curation.

To see the full article in Healthcare IT Today, along with Mike Noshay’s interview video, click here.