Cleaning Up the Dirty Data In Healthcare

Published article in Healthcare IT Today

By John Lynn

I’ve met a lot of companies in healthcare that are focused on data and analytics.  However, I’ve never met a company that’s so focused on ensuring healthcare data is clean, useful, and trusted until I had a chance to meet Verinovum at the HIMSS 2021 annual conference.

Like many companies in healthcare, there’s a good reason why Verinovum is so interested in making sure the data in healthcare is clean.  It’s personal for Mark McCurry, President and CEO at Verinovum.  (See interview on full article)

While it’s great for a company to have an inspiring origin story, the real question is what are they doing to address the problem.  Sitting down with Mike Noshay, Founder and Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Verinovum, we dove into the problem of dirty data in healthcare.  Noshay shared how we look at health data today and what we should be doing to think about it differently.

Plus, I’ve asked a lot of people how usable healthcare data is today.  Noshay was the first person that was willing to actually put a number and quantify the quality of health data based on their experience cleaning the data.  Check out the video below to hear the numbers.

Finally, Noshay also shares how he’s seeing healthcare organizations turn data into action including some examples.  At the end of the day, clean data is all about creating trust.  If the data isn’t clean and accurate, then the data can’t be trusted.  Once the data is clean and accurate, we can create value for a healthcare organization.

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