New Truths for Health Plans: You’ve Checked Off the FHIR Compliance Box. Now What?

new partnership is bringing innovative solutions to payers across the nation. Verinovum, a leader in EHR clinical data curation and enrichment, and HealthLX, a provider of interoperability solutions specifically for healthcare data exchange, recently hosted the third installment of Verinovum’s New Truths series.

In this webinar, Verinovum Founder Mike Noshay and HealthLX CEO Will Tesch discuss FHIR compliance, what it does (and doesn’t) mean for payers and the members they serve and how payers can obtain the best whole-member view possible.

Topics include:

  • How can payers navigate the landscape to “check the box” on FHIR compliance if they haven’t already?
  • What to do if you’ve checked the FHIR box but still lack clean and actionable clinical data
  • The intersection of compliance and “the right thing to do” for payers

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