Verinovum Announces Partnership with CentraForce Health via Webinar

By Published On: October 1st, 2020

Verinovum, a health data curation and enrichment technology company, recently announced a partnership with CentraForce Health™, a data analytics company which provides actionable Comprehensive Determinants of Health™ (CDoH) data and insights for healthcare payers, providers, health IT companies and consulting firms. Verinovum and CentraForce Health will present a joint webinar on October 21, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. ET to explain how high-quality data and CDoH can complete the patient data puzzle.

Paired with Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS), CDoH and DCaaS will enable clients to use health insights and data to paint a complete picture of the patient. Additionally, the combination will provide an increase in care quality and prevent avoidable costs to both provider and payer.

“The combination of CentraForce Health and Verinovum is the next generation of solutions, one that will deliver significantly more value for payers and providers,” said Shawn Frazier, Senior Vice President of Sales at Verinovum. “Patients are not two dimensional. By partnering with CentraForce Health, we are delivering a three-dimensional view of their patient to payers and providers,” he said.

CentraForce Health’s CDoH insights extend beyond traditional social determinants of health analysis and provide an all-encompassing patient risk profile, including health-related attitudinal, behavioral, utilization, engagement, and socio-economic data.

“Reliable, actionable, and curated clinical data from all relevant sources optimizes use cases and patient outcomes,” said Stephen Newman MD, Executive Chairman and Chief Medical Officer at CentraForce Health “Actionable and comprehensive social determinates of health scores, as well as robust behavioral, attitudinal, and utilization risk scores, deliver a high resolution view of the patient outside the care setting,” he said.

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