The Importance of Complete Clinical Data for Payers and Providers

Managing disparate clinical data can be a challenge for even the most robust health system. Due to the complexity of the healthcare continuum, myriad platforms, vendors and rules, and obsolete processes that may not consider the end use, patient data is frequently incomplete. In fact, we have experienced situations where of only 14% of clinical data is actionable.

To combat unreliable data, Verinovum is empowering payers, providers, and other healthcare organizations with near real-time data curation and enrichment processes using their Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) solution to make nearly 89% of clinical data actionable. Their laser-focused solution targets the most pressing population health challenges for clients by focusing on the quality and completeness of data across the entire continuum of care. By integrating clinical data from multiple locations, Verinovum’s DCaaS solution provides a clean data foundation to inform your most crucial clinical and business discussions.

With a passion for transforming the quality of your healthcare data to unleash its full potential, Verinovum is delivering better outcomes for businesses, patients, and members. Learn more about the importance of complete clinical data in the video above.

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