KLAS Report Recognizes Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service as Essential to Support Detection and Early Intervention for COVID-19

By Published On: April 7th, 2020Tags: , ,

The world of healthcare as we know it has fundamentally changed. And payers, providers and federal, state and local government agencies are all struggling to effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic's ever-changing, urgent demands while working toward longer-term mitigation strategies. To help these entities sift through the noise and find solutions that can make a difference, independent industry research firm KLAS just published a new report for providers, 'COVID-19 Technology Services and Solutions Guide.'

'You need solutions and you need them fast. We have asked the vendor community to share what they are doing/can do to help your organizations in this crisis,' report authors write. 'Thank you for bearing the weight of this crisis. We deeply appreciate your sacrifices.'

According to Mark McCurry, CEO of Verinovum, 'We recognize the extraordinary contributions that front-line workers, government agencies, payers and tech companies alike have made to combat this crisis. By including Verinovum in this report, KLAS has recognized that having access to clean and complete patient data is crucial. Especially for those the CDC has categorized as 'high-risk' for severe COVID-19, including those with diabetes and chronic heart and lung conditions, clean and curated data is essential to support early detection and make the right treatment decisions.'

The KLAS report notes, 'Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) offering aligns to disease-specific modules so that your data is focused, trusted, and transparent for the analysis most important in today's environment. The DCaaS platform ingests, curates, identity resolves, attributes, governs, and transmits clean clinical data tailored to your use cases … Verinovum can provide cohort identification to support timely and appropriate targeting. Verinovum's roster and attribution logic is appended to the curated data asset to identify and report on your patient population that is at greatest risk for complications tied to COVID-19.'

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