A Look at Verinovum’s Approach to Data Cleansing and Curation for Payers

By Published On: March 9th, 2020Tags: , ,

'We're honored that Verinovum has been recognized by Gartner in multiple reports over the past several years. Verinovum is a leader in addressing one of the most vexing issues in the industry; unclean data. We believe these Gartner recognitions validate our unique and singular focus on data cleansing and curation to make data usable for practical use cases such as chronic disease management, population health, and analytics to help drive shared savings,' says Mark McCurry, CEO of Verinovum.

For payers, Verinovum provides the ability to streamline clinical data acquisition, perform data cleansing and curation and flexibly integrate the resulting clean data into enterprise decision systems. This provides transparency into the quality of the data asset available as well as services to improve quality and align to various business cases.

Payers have been adept for many years at extracting insights and driving their business outcomes with claims data. And that claims data has presented a unique way for them to have better intel about the financial drivers behind their business.

However, one of the great pain points has been the timeliness and completeness of claims records. Payers are now coming to recognize that the availability of clinical data in their analysis – both for federal reporting and quality measures as well as their internal risk assessment and associated administrative decision making – would be greatly bolstered by that clinical data.

Verinovum helps overcome this challenge with a unique approach to making clinical data actionable for payers.

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