Verinovum, a Healthcare Data Curation Company, Appoints Amy Fuller-Heffernan as Director of Customer Strategy

By Published On: March 5th, 2020

Verinovum announced today the appointment of Amy Fuller-Heffernan, a seasoned healthcare data expert with more than three decades of experience, as the company’s new Director of Customer Strategy.

Amy excels at understanding customers’ strategic objectives, building trusted relationships, and collaborating with stakeholders at all levels. Her experience has given her a deep understanding of healthcare data, finance, technology, products, and workflows.

“Amy’s history of successfully delighting customers while developing new relationships in the healthcare space perfectly reflects the values and work ethic of Verinovum. We strive to focus on our customers’ needs and their specific goals as the foundation for every decision we make, and we know that having Amy on board will help us to better understand and connect with our customers, aligning with our mission to deliver unsurpassed value while developing fruitful, lasting relationships,” says Mark McCurry, CEO of Verinovum.

Prior to joining Verinovum, Amy served as VP of Customer Experience for another data cleansing and curation vendor, where she was in charge of client retention and renewals and maintaining client relationships. Over her career, she has served in various customer-oriented and business development roles, including Director of Business Development, Director of Client Relations, and Strategic Account Executive for organizations including Phillips Healthcare, Summit Healthcare Services, and MEDITECH.

“Early in my career, I had the opportunity to tour a well-known children’s hospital during a customer engagement, and I was moved by the work they did and the impact they had on families. I knew then that healthcare, and supporting efforts that could improve patient outcomes, was something I wanted to be a part of,” says Amy. “I see that vision fulfilled in Verinovum; having a full view of the patient through clean data gives care teams the opportunity to truly impact lives.”

Amy also commented on the importance of a ‘people-first’ mindset when it comes to developing relationships. “The secret sauce that I’ve found over the years is that it’s about starting with understanding people, finding a common goal, and truly going the extra mile. Fruitful business outcomes are borne out of genuine connection,” she says.

As Director of Customer Strategy, Amy will bring a consultative approach to understanding current and prospective customer needs with a goal to maximize value and satisfaction.