A Look at Verinovum’s Approach to Data Cleansing and Curation for Providers

‘We’re honored that Verinovum has been recognized by Gartner in multiple reports over the past several years. Verinovum is a leader in addressing one of the most vexing issues in the industry; unclean data. We believe these Gartner recognitions validate our unique and singular focus on data cleansing and curation to make data usable for practical use cases such as chronic disease management, population health, and analytics to help drive shared savings,’ says Mark McCurry, CEO of Verinovum.

For providers, Verinovum provides the ability to acquire, identity manage, and standardize clinical data from siloed sources to feed healthcare organizations' own 'last mile' decision systems. Verinovum services allow clinically integrated networks and integrated delivery networks to unlock actionable insights through more complete and streamlined access to clinical data.

At Verinovum, we help providers make sense of data from disparate EHRs and different sites, locations, departments, and acquired businesses within their enterprise.

Providers are very comfortable with using clinical data, as they've been doing since the beginning of Meaningful Use in 2009. However, since that time, the advent of many different EHRs under a single umbrella organization – due in large part to an onslaught of mergers and acquisitions – has complicated the use of that data. The fact is, a standard is not a standard is not a standard. How data is input, stored and used at one hospital that uses Epic, for example, can be very different from another hospital that also uses Epic. And of course, the data format and standards at both of these organizations will be drastically different from what you see at a hospital that is using Cerner or another EHR.

That's where we come in.

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