White Paper – True Healthcare Data Integration: Leaving your Data Lake Behind

By Published On: December 23rd, 2019Tags: , ,

Data lakes can help make sure data is easily accessible to the stakeholders who rely on their information to make strategic business decisions. The problem is, over the years, most organizations have adopted a 'set it and forget' it mindset when it comes to data lakes, dumping in all the data at once without organization or parameters, so that when the time comes to retrieve the information and apply it to the use cases that matter, it has become wholly inaccessible.

Healthcare in particular presents unique challenges for data lakes, as the right data is needed to make decisions that affect treatment plans, healthcare costs, and patient lives.

According to a recent report from Gartner, 'U.S. Healthcare Payer CIOs Should Avoid Data Lake Mistakes With Clinical Data Integration,” by Mandi Bishop (October 2019), in which Verinovum is recognized as a Representative Vendor for clinical data integration (CDI), 'Payer CIOs want to know whether data lakes can deliver quick wins for business leaders hungry to derive actionable insights from unstructured and nonstandard clinical data. To avoid drowning in data, CIOs must first specify goals and critically compare internal capabilities to vendor solutions.'

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