Inside Interoperability: Is TEFCA 2.0 — Finally — the Harbinger of True Interoperability?

By Published On: September 26th, 2019

According to ONC, Draft 2 of TEFCA “is designed to scale EHI [electronic health information] exchange nationwide and help ensure that HINs [health information networks], health care providers, health plans, individuals, and many more stakeholders have secure access to their electronic health information when and where it is needed.”

Based on my time as the CEO of a large US health system, I understand the enormity of the challenge. A health system’s focus is always to provide high-quality care to patients—and there are obviously some strong benefits to having shared, accessible information. Having inaccurate, incomplete, and unactionable data acts as a barrier to that goal, and I believe TEFCA holds great promise to break down those barriers.

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