White Paper – Integrating Data in an M&A World

“In 2017, 967 deals occurred in the US health services market, including healthcare payers and providers,” according to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and “Deal value increased 146 percent over 2016.” While this ongoing trend of mergers and acquisitions can be good news for hospitals, ACOs, payers, and CINs, it brings up some previously unconsidered challenges.

It’s more important than ever for healthcare organizations to have a reliable way to make sense of disparate data that’s coming in as a result of these M&As. Data enrichment has to mean more than simple aggregation. Data must be standardized, normalized, and enriched, with a focus on data fidelity, transparency, and flexibility, to produce usable information. That resulting actionable information can help CINs, ACOs, and other organizations in several ways. Verinovum’s data curation and enrichment process can help organizations involved in M&A activity access actionable data and:

  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Impact the bottom line
  • Improve clinical outcomes

The need for enriched, usable data will continue to grow going forward. There is every indication that AI, machine learning, and virtual care are the wave of the future in healthcare technology—a future that’s not that far off.

To discover more about how Verinovum can help you aggregate and enrich data from multiple sources, download the white paper.