Research Brief for ACOs, CINs and Payers – “Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem: Data is the Lifeblood”

By Published On: October 30th, 2018

Health data enrichment company Verinovum recently announced the publication of a new research brief aimed at educating and informing ACOs, CINs, payers, and other healthcare stakeholders, entitled, “Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem: Data is the Lifeblood.”

The research brief discusses the importance of high-quality healthcare data and its impact on both business decisions and patient outcomes. It provides insights to help organizations:

  • Address challenges of integrating multiple data sources
  • Achieve confidence in the quality of their data
  • Use data to tackle their business challenges

From the brief: “The ecosystem in which patients receive care has grown exponentially over time, and now encompasses payers, clinically integrated networks (CINs), providers, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and more. Gone are the days when patients had one doctor from whom they received care, and one record of their health history and needs, stored in one location. As digital technology and medical science has grown, so, too, has the healthcare ecosystem. And, while medical and technological advancements have no doubt been beneficial for patient outcomes and quality of life, the benefits have come with the added challenge of aggregating, cleansing and managing the resulting health data.”

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