White Paper – Dirty Data: The Hidden Problem That’s Killing Healthcare Analytics

Even in well-supported and well-managed projects, extremely poor data quality has stubbornly remained unresolved and today threatens the credibility of even the most well-designed analytics methodologies and platforms.

These types of data quality problems are especially acute for payers who depend on providers to send them data; but provider-owned health systems, ACOs, and CINs are not immune. And, the ongoing trend of mergers and acquisitions among providers is further exacerbating the problem of non-uniform data sets.

What’s needed is a data enrichment and clinical integration hub that can diagnose and remediate healthcare data quality problems. With proper focus and expert attention, problems with poorly structured messages, non-standard codes, and unstructured data can be addressed. Thus improving the quality of the data feeding the analytics engines that underpin critical functions such as care management and quality reporting.

There is no doubt that data quality is diminishing the effectiveness of your analytics efforts. Download this white paper to learn what can be done about it: