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A base you can truly build on

As a healthcare partner, you need a reliable data foundation to support your products and services. Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) solution can get you there by thoroughly curating and enriching targeted data. With data curation, you can build better, faster, more complete and trustworthy solutions.

Build a data foundation you can rely on for your analytics and pop health tool.

Reduce time and resources spent on fixing errant data.

Make clinical data available to support client value-based activities.

Start with a few uses cases today, expand for tomorrow.

Provide meaningful analytics supported by data transparency.

Use 2.x, 3.x and FHIR data to your advantage.

Go well beyond standardizing and normalizing data

Our DCaaS process involves curation and enrichment in two rounds, providing lift that makes your data truly reliable and usable and amplifies the value of your solution for your customer base.

Data Curation
Data Curation

DCaaS focuses on data quality in phases

Initial Curation

Build flexible structure maps

Apply standard code maps

Resolve patient identities (eMPI)

Create comprehensive patient record

Advanced Enrichment

Semantic and local code mapping

Fill NPI gaps

Encounter driven inference
(Data lift)

Curate to use case

Subset by roster

Transparent audit & data quality scoring

The impact of curated and enriched data

Our clients have achieved more than a 500% improvement in data quality–from 14% actionability to 89% after data curation and enrichment.

Actionable Data


Actionable Data
(Curated & Enriched)


Overall Lab Results:


63% more labs formed and coded

Cardiology Lab Results:


70% more cardiology labs codes


63% more cardiology results codes



56% more mammogram codes uncovered

Source: Independently verified Verinovum study in July 2018 on behalf of a major plan which included a sample of 55 clinical locations.

“Successful deployment of a comprehensive health data curation and enrichment hub, like Verinovum, is a foundational component of the real-time health system, conducting digital healthcare, and the ability to execute population health and community care management.”

Gartner Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, August 2020


Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) Solution