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“Disruption happens because what has been isn’t replaced by a better version of itself,

but by a new product that is completely different – and usually markedly better.

In other words, the “old thing” gets replaced by something revolutionary, not something evolutionary.”
-Josh Dykstra


Tools for HIEs & Communities

Data Acquisition, Clinical & Claims Storage, eMPI, HL7 & CCDA Mapping, Code Normalization

Tools for Population Health Management

Provider Portal, Results Delivery, Care Gap Reporting, Panel Monitoring, Alerts & Notifications

Tools for Public Health

Lightweight Data Capture Tools, Operational & Population Health Reporting

Tools for Value Based Payment

Data Quality Improvement, Clinical Quality Measurement, Care Gap Reporting

The Verinovum Vision

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Creating Value Out of Chaos

Prior to President Eisenhower’s interstate highway blueprint, road development was in a state of chaos resulting in a tremendous amount of waste. Healthcare today is in a state of similar disarray.

Our core technologies coordinate, monitor and act on the vast amounts of data coming from an increasingly “blueprint-less” medical superhighway. This revolutionary 360 degree infrastructure enables the coordination of highly complex data sets that need to travel amongst many disparate locations to decrease waste, increase quality and maximize profitability in the healthcare vertical.

% of Encounters with Care Delivery Failure
% of Medicare Beneficiaries with 30 Day Readmissions
% of Potentially Avoidable Medicare Readmissions
% of Preventable Adverse Events from Medication Error
% of Waste Attributed to Administrative Complexity
% of Waste Attributed to Fraud & Abuse



$B Wasted Annually in US Healthcare


$B Lost on Care Transitions


$B Lost on Care Delivery Failure


$B in Overtreatment Cost

Source: Reducing Waste in Healthcare, Health Affairs, 12/13/12



Clinical & Claims Data Repository

Aggregate relevant clinical & non-clinical data for analysis & work-flow implementation

Fluid Message Mapping

Rapidly create and deploy enterprise HL7 & CCD maps. Source & destination agnostic

Identity Management

Enable accurate assimilation of patient and provider identities resolving data issues across data silos

Message & Results Delivery

Manage the flow of data through synchronized communication across disparate systems

Operational Alerting

Tools for strategic decision making through in depth analyses and reporting

Relevant Access

Increase security and transparency through role-based data element-level access

Provider Portal

Improve outcomes and close gaps with effective care transitions

Clinical Quality Measurement

Evidence based, protocol driven calculations for at risk populations: NQF, HEDIS and Custom

The Future is Here

  • “And decision-making algorithms will disrupt solution shops, putting the perspective of the world’s most expert specialists into the hands of primary care physicians.”
    The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care, 2008
  • The systems on the front line have to be usable so that doctors actually want to interact with the electronic health record, or [so that] nurses or others can access critical information that will eventually not just save money or improve the quality of care but save lives
    Dr. Karen Desalvo, ONC

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